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Delta Dental recently conducted the Preventive Dental Care Study, the largest claims study of its kind. We found that even among insured individuals, many people at higher risk for tooth decay or gum disease aren't getting proper preventive dental care. Are you or your family members at higher-risk? Find out now, and learn more about how preventive dental care can benefit your family.

Wouldn't it be nice to know if you were at risk for oral disease before it became a problem? By taking just a few minutes to answer some simple questions about yourself and your oral health, our myDentalScore tool will assess your level of oral disease risk and your oral health needs. Visit myDentalScore today to find out how your oral health scores.

Our e-magazine, Grin!, has something for everyone: oral-health friendly recipes, tips on floss and toothbrushes, oral health history and more. Read our latest issue of Grin! now to brush up on your oral health IQ.

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Most Delta Dental member companies offer individual and/or family dental insurance plans to residents in their area. To locate a Delta Dental member company offering individual dental coverage where you live, please select your state from the list provided.

*If your state is not listed, individual coverage is not yet available in your state.