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Press Release Archives 2015

December 2015

Santa Ahead in the Polls

October 2015

Candy Giving Expected To Be Up This Halloween
School Year Worries

September 2015

Teeth Clenching Times
Scam Alert
Delta Dental Heart Issues Release

August 2015

Wells Hutchinson General Counsel
Updated Tooth Fairy Retirement Savings Release

July 2015

31% of U.S. Parents Say Kids Missed School Due to Dental Problems

April 2015

Easter Bunny Behind at the Polls with 6-12 Year Olds
Delta Dental Hires David Irwin to Lead National Corporate Communications Efforts

March 2015

New Survey Says Kids' High Anxiety About Dentists May Be Learned Trait...From Parents
Parents have harder time getting kids to brush than to eat vegetables

February 2015

Average Tooth Fairy gift surpasses $4 in 2014
Tooth Fairy pays record $255 million for lost teeth in 2014
New survey finds kids' oral health doesn't make the grade

January 2015

DDPA and DeltaUSA Elect Board Officers