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November 2014

Delta Dental Donates $44 Million to Improve Nation’s Oral Health
Oral Health Education Needed

October 2014

5 Tricks for a Tooth-friendly Halloween

September 2014

Survey Finds Shortcomings in Americans’ Dental Health Habits

August 2014

Dental Visits a Good Habit to Start (Again)

July 2014

Clooney, Roberts Claim Celebrity 'Best Smile' Bragging Rights

June 2014

Survey Says: It's the Smile

May 2014

Going to the Dentist Linked with Overall Well-Being

March 2014

"March Mouthness" Provides Teaching Moments

February 2014

The Tooth Fairy Placed Higher Value on Teeth in 2013
How Many Dental X-Rays Do Your Kids Need?