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Press Release Archives 2012

December 2012

Health Care Reform Leaves Adults without Dental Coverage
Delta Dental's Top 5 Oral Health Resolutions for 2013

November 2012

Delta Dental Launches Redesigned Website
Don't Beware the Dentist's Chair

October 2012

Halloween: A Dentist's Dilemma
Vote for Good Oral Hygiene
Don't Let Your Body's Natural Defenses Down

September 2012

Sealing a Smile Packs a Preventive Punch
Help Your Teeth Age Gracefully with You

August 2012

Make Dentist Visits the Rule for Back-to-School
Ring in the New School Year the Right Way

June 2012

Delta Dental Finds American Children Need to Brush More Often, Longer

May 2012

Delta Dental's Industry-Leading Status Affirmed by Latest Data
Before Your Due Date, Schedule a Date With Your Dentist's Office

April 2012

Delta Dental Encourages Major League Baseball to Quit the Spit (Tobacco)
You Booze, You Lose: Excessive Drinking Harms Oral Health
H2O: Oral Health Opportunity

February 2012

Top 7 Reasons Why a Baby's Oral Health Care Should Begin at Birth
Tooth Fairy Feeling Economic Crunch
Take it to Heart: Oral Health is Important