Delta Dental News Room

Press Release Archives 2009

September 2009

Dentists May See First Signs of Acid Reflux
Oral Health Knowledge Gap Contributes to Children's Issues
Smile Squad Teaches Dental Health Lessons Through Fun Activities

August 2009

Teach Kids to Snack Smart for Healthy Teeth
Good Oral Health Habits Prevent Halloween Cavities

July 2009

Delta Dental System Gains Enrollees in Down Economy
Athletes Must Guard Against Injuries

May 2009

Delta Dental maintains largest nationwide network, offers cost savings

April 2009

82 million Americans live without fluoridated community water

March 2009

New Delta Dental Web Site Educates Americans of Oral Health Care Reform
Oral Piercings Pose Potential Health Care Risks
New Services May Help Millions Manage Dental Anxiety

February 2009

Study Reveals Delta Dental is Number One
Give Yourself and Your Teeth a Break
Dentists Often First to Spot Eating Disorders in Patients

January 2009

Delta Dental donates $62 million to improve nation's oral health
Delta Dental Plans Association Consumer Survey Reveals Sixty Percent have Dental Benefits